Tuesday 10 July 2012

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EFC 2012 VIDEO UPDATE: The videos are all still accessible, but their links have changed. Apart from the videos for Dan Dennett and John Searle, which are both correctly updated below, the video links for all the rest of the talks below are out-of-date. 
The correct, updated  links for all the videos are  at this site (and below)

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9-06-2012Daniel DennettA Phenomenal Confusion About Access and Consciousness
29-06-2012Antonio DamasioFeelings and Sentience
30-06-2012Joseph LedouxThe Perplexing Relationship Between Emotions and Consciousness
30-06-2012Jorge ArmonyNeural Bases of Emotion
30-06-2012Fernando CerveroCellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Pain
30-06-2012Phillip JacksonThe Brain Response to the Pain of Others: Fleeing Versus Caring
30-06-2012Catherine Tallon-BaudryIs Consciousness an Executive Function?
01-07-2012Stevan HarnadHow/Why Explaining the Causal Role of Consciousness is Hard
01-07-2012Inman HarveyNo Hard Feelings: Why Would An Evolved Robot Care?
01-07-2012Ioannis RekleitisThree Basic Questions in Robotics: New Directions
01-07-2012Dario FloreanoEvolution of Adaptive Behavior in Autonomous Robots
01-07-2012James ClarkAttention: Doing and Feeling
01-07-2012Michael GrazianoConsciousness and the Attention Schema
02-07-2012John CampbellWhat does Visual Experience Have to do with Visual Science?
02-07-2012Patrick HaggardVolition and Agency: What is it, and What is it For?
02-07-2012David FreedmanBrain Mechanisms of Visual Categorization and Decision-Making
02-07-2012Shimon EdelmanBeing in Time
02-07-2012Wayne SossinAplysia:If We Understand the Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Sensation and Learning, What Do We Need Consciousness for?
04-07-2012Bernard BaarsThe biological basis of conscious experience: Global workspace dynamics in the brain
04-07-2012Ezequiel MorsellaThe Primary Function of Consciousness in the Brain
04-07-2012Roy BaumeisterThe Why, What and How of Consciousness
04-07-2012Bjorn MerkerThe Brain's Need for Sensory Consciousness: From Probabilities to Percepts
04-07-2012Paul CisekThe Vanishing Central Executive: Distributed Neural Mechanisms for Decision-Making
04-07-2012Michael ShadlenConsciousness as a Decision to Engage
05-07-2012Wolf SingerConsciousness: Unity in Time Rather Than Space?
05-07-2012Erik CookAre Neural Fluctuations in Cortex Causally Linked to Visual Perception?
05-07-2012Bjorn BrembsBehavioral Freedom and Decision-Making in Flies: Evolutionary precursor of "Free Will"?
05-07-2012Julio MartinezVoluntary Attention and Working Memory in The Primate Brain: Recording from Single Cells
05-07-2012Christopher PackVision During Unconsciousness
05-07-2012Barbara FinlayContinuities/Discontinuities in Vertebrate Brain Evolution and Cognitive Capacities: Implications for Consciousness?
06-07-2012Gary ComstockFeeling Matters
06-07-2012David RosenthalDoes Consciousness Have any Utility?
06-07-2012Mark BalaguerA Scientifically Reputable Version of Indeterministic Libertarian Free Will
06-07-2012Adrian WardMind Blanking: When the Stream of Consciousness Runs Dry
07-07-2012Simon Baron-CohenEvolution of Empathy
07-07-2012Alfred MeleDo Conscious Decisions Ever Play a Role in Action Production?
07-07-2012Hakwan LauHow to study the functions of subjective awareness?
07-07-2012Luiz PessoaCognitive-Emotional Interactions
07-07-2012Marthe Kiley-WorthingtonComparing Elephant and Equine Mental Traits, Subjectivity and Consciousness
07-07-2012Axel CleermansConsciousness and Learning
08-07-2012Gualtiero Piccinini Is Consciousness a Spandrel?
08-07-2012Malcolm MacIver Sensory and Motor Spaces and the Emergence of Multiple Futures
08-07-2012Jennifer MatherEvolutionary Pressures and Cephalopod Consciousness
08-07-2012Eva Jablonka Evolutionary Origins of Experiencing
09-07-2012Alain Ptito Neural Mechanisms of Blindsight after Hemispherectomy: Tapping into the Unconscious
09-07-2012Amir Shmuel Neurophysiological and hemodynamic measurements of spontaneous activity and functional connectivity
09-07-2012Gilles PlourdeGeneral Anesthetics for the Study Consciousness
09-07-2012John SearleConsciousness and Causality


  1. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself.WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS

    1. Consciousness is automatic change management process in the sequence of 1) Perception (detection), 2) Cognition (meaning making) and 3) Response

      Please see the link